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Step guide on how to start to make an income

Posted by kololi on November 11, 2007

Here is a quick step guide on how to start to make an income with out spending a lot of money..

you’ll find lots of guides and all the tools mentioned here. Use this as an blueprint 5-windows-vista-ray

1. Go to


and do some keyword research . enter a keywod and check the results by clicking on the graph icon on the right it will immediatly tell you if the niche is good.

2. Once you find a keyword to focus on buy a domain name. Related to the search term try to make it without hyphens and numbers so bluewidgets.com is better than blue-widgets.com

3.get hosting with cpanel installed and you can use fantastico to install a wordpress blog. webhostingtalk .com is a great place to find cheap hosting.

4. install wordpress and add the adsense deluxe plugin and the autosocial poster, setup permalinks and tweak the seo . Use a new theme.

5. Go to alerts.google.com and set up alerts on the niche topic this will give you access to sources of content. you could also use the free feeds from some article sites to add content to your blog daily. It is better to add unique keyword targetted content that you write yourself.

6. Use web 2.0 resources to get traffic to your blog First use social media sites: gather, hubpages, wetpaint, squidoo etc and then social bookmarking sites.

7. When you site is indexed and starting to get organic traffic …then monetize it not before.

8. Depending on the topic monetize using , adsense , clickbank, ebay (bayrss feed) amazon.

9.. Continue to promote…when that site starts to make money take what you’ve learned and improve you next one. with the right niche every one of these types of sites should make you $200 – $300 per month

Research resources.. look at whats selling on Digitalpoint, sitepoint and ebay you’ll get loads of ideas.


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